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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Search Update 2012: Occupy Madison 10/09/11 Sunday Capitol Rotunda - video

The OccupyMadison group, organized several days ago, proceeded from Reynolds Park up East Washington Avenue and into the Capitol.  Many different individuals then made statements about their motivations for supporting the "Occupy Movement" here in Madison WI and the country. At the end they exited peacefully out the State Street entrance.

Upd:  And what about the next night forever ... suggest an appeal to Mayor and City Council to remove constraints of permits where ever they land!  I'm listening to live WORT broadcast about just what may go on ... thinking about a rally at the Capitol (near Jail) tonight!

Read at ~7pm probably tweeted at ~6pm ..

by 4SHCrane
After some discussion the police have agreed to allow to stay in Reynolds Park tonight. General Assembly starting shortly.

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