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Sunday, October 16, 2011

5/11/13 Walker's High Speed Train Wreck - Cronyism, Corruption

Legislature gets into Walker Corporate Welfare - How is this different than High Speed Train

Chris Rickert: On the (corporate) welfare express

For sale: 70 miles of railroad track. Low traffic, but likely to need major repairs soon. Owner is motivated to sell, but current lessee is not interested in buying. No public access.
Does this sound like a product the taxpayers of Wisconsin might think was worth $47 million? It does to their legislators, who appear to be leaning toward making a little-used section of freight-hauling track between Madison and Reedsburg a state property.
That’s good for the rail company that owns the line, Union Pacific; the rail company that leases it, Wisconsin & Southern; and the 14 companies that rely on it to one degree or another.

The hallmarks of Walker's politics has so obviously been cronyism and corruption ... yet we seem to forget.  Later today I will add a video from a performance from the "Stop the Wars" rally yesterday (10/15) in Madison, WI on the steps of the Capitol ... the music sort of brings it altogether.  I'll add "video" to the title ... hope you read, remember and stop back.

Vision and Jobs (Obama) vs Cronyism (Walker) :

...Infrastructure investment - Walker turns it down and then rewards his "felon" railroad campaign donor buddy!  Remember?!

Upd Isthmus: Iron(y) Rails at Walker - Political Freight? PolitiScoop

...A later email exchange also details a personal meeting that Gardner had with Walker at the Noodles in Madison on April 13, 2010. The GAB was contacted by Gardner’s disgruntled ex-girlfriend, Stacie Long, on April 19, 2010 and told of the potentially illegal campaign contributions.... Emily Mills article above
 Walker's brush with illegal campaign donations - Isthmus

Walker Rewards Felon Company Owner with State Grant

WI 1848 Forward: 5/11/13 Walker's High Speed Train Wreck - Cronyism, Corruption #1% #elites vs #47%

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