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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Education - Selling Milwaukee Schools to Charter School Corporations delayed!

Politics has to be tedious at this level ... but I do appreciate it more and more.  I am sure he is not alone but Senator Larson was standing up for public schools yesterday in the Education Committee ... so now Assembly Democrats are doing the only thing they still can.  As they would say - "Come on people of Wisconsin - help us!"

5/10 - From ...

Dems block Milwaukee school property bill
Assembly Democrats used a procedural move to block a bill to allow Milwaukee to sell or lease city-owned school property over objections from Dems that Republicans were ignoring the will of local officials.

The bill passed the Senate earlier today, but in the Assembly the Democrats objected to the third reading of the bill, stalling it to a later session day.

Still time and it still counts to ...

BeHeard EasyAccess WI Legis Education Committee

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