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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

2011 Watch/Listen: AB7 VoterID - Senate Decorum - Tyranny of Absolute Majority

As I continue to listen to State Senate debate AB 7 VoterID I am reminded of my experience at the JFC hearing the other day when I was told the use of a camera (even before the committee convened) was violating the decorum of the legislature. reports -
UPDATE: 4:42 p.m. -- Noting that only five GOP members were in their seat to hear Jauch's "impassioned remarks," Erpenbach does a call of the house, which compels senators in the Capitol building to come back to the chamber.

Republicans seemed to smirk at the irony of Dems using the tactic, when it was the Dems who failed to answer calls of the house when they fled to Illinois to avoid a vote on the budget repair bill.
More decorum I guess!

Senator Vinehout gave an excellent discourse on how difficult it is for people in rural Wisconsin to get proper voter identification across three counties - Representative Pridemore, if he were there, I am sure would promise a DOT mobile office to solve the problem (I think there are 3) ... and so it goes.  Senator Larson's speaking now ... Senator Holperin now ... and so it goes!

A committee meeting before AB 7 got to JFC ... nobody objected to camera ...
JFC Monday Voter ID - Wisconsin Voter ID Bill 2011 Poll Tax or Fraud Protection

NPR: This Is The Police: Put Down Your Camera - WI JFC similar

WI 1848 Forward: 2011 Watch/Listen: AB7 #VoterID - #Senate Decorum - #Tyranny of Absolute #Majority #GOP vs #47% #99%

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