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Friday, May 13, 2011

NPR: This Is The Police: Put Down Your Camera - WI JFC similar

Politicians are almost as sensitive as policeman. Yesterday I attended the JFC Executive Session in the morning - as I have several times in the past few weeks. Before the hearing began I stood up and prepared just to take a few pictures of the room and record a sense of how many people were interested. Staff immediately told me I was violating the "decorum" of the JFC and legislature.  Well I do believe them ... just funny had not been done before in any hearing I attended!

My observation is that there is very little "decorum" in JFC meetings ... so what is the difference - was not like I was using flash!  They bounce around like ping-pong balls and have about 20 other conversations going at once.  They do not listen to each other speak and frequently leave! Ahhhh! Having that recorded might be embarrassing - I get it!  Hey - I have seen sausage made before!

I was not able to embed the NPR story but here is the link ... it is a relevant story - as we continue to have our Capitol in semi-lock down mode and be inconvenienced.  Someone recently relayed a story about before going into one of the legislative galleries being asked to leave small bags (barely larger) in a pile outside - what is this place coming to?

This Is The Police: Put Down Your Camera 5/13 NPR
 From the source

Consider what happened to Khaliah Fitchette. Last year, Fitchette, who was 16 at the time, was riding a city bus in Newark, N.J., when two police officers got on to deal with a man who seemed to be drunk. Fitchette decided this would be a good moment to take out her phone and start recording.
"One of the officers told me to turn off my phone, because I was recording them," she said. "I said no. And then she grabbed me and pulled me off the bus to the cop car, which was behind the bus."
The police erased the video from Fitchette's phone. She was handcuffed and spent the next two hours in the back of a squad car before she was released. No charges were filed.
WI 1848 Forward: #NPR: This Is The #Police: Put Down Your #Camera - WI #JFC similar : #GOP #Elites vs #47% #wiUnion

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