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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

UPD (12:25pm) : Thompson is going to run - (8:33am) Seems Twitters think so! Wispolitics UPD Packerland video

Let's see - as I understand it Tommy brought Wisconsin big time "Pay-to-Play" politics.  He will be, say 76, by the time he finishes his first term ( a little older than me) if he wins.  What kind of State Taxes did he pay and where did he pay them?  I thought he was a big time inside the beltway lobbyist now - maybe he could get us a high speed train now?  Under the new VoterID he may not be able to vote in Wisconsin "recalls" - oh wait the State Senate could still pass an amendment exempting Tommy and send it back to the Assembly for reconciliation - or better yet do it by Joint Committee 50 minutes after providing notice!

I apologize in advance for "you have to live here to know what I am talking about" remarks!

(~Noon 5/17) DC Wrap is reporting Thompson will run -
The source said an announcement is not imminent. But Thompson is meeting with advisers to craft a campaign structure and budget in anticipation of a campaign.
See also Huffington Post 3/17/2010 - All about Tommy Thompson

From Huffington Post story about the video -
I suppose I'll close with this video, at right, of Thompson celebrating a Green Bay Packers victory while, well, pretty drunk. Or, um, does he usually slur his speech that badly in front of tens of thousands of Packer fans?

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