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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Forward Think: Dems fear GOP will race to redistrict before recall elections - STEVEN ELBOW | The Capital Times

[This updated version showed up as a draft 5/17 among my posts - I think it was one of the "blogger posts" lost in the cloud that I had given up seeing again - well here it is.]  

Whether Rep Barca gets credit for being concerned about redistricting or Mr. Elbow - this is a good piece. The followup interview on how the process works is the kind of finish that just does not usually get done and is incredibly important! It would only be improved by giving even more insight to what someone might do about it as an interested party?!

From source -

Ken Mayer, a University of Wisconsin-Madison political science professor and redistricting expert, says any attempt to map legislative districts before municipalities finish their work “would be an administrative nightmare.” That’s because the Republicans couldn’t start at the ward level but instead would use census data to overlay legislative districts on top of municipal electoral maps.

But if the Republicans depart from the statutory timeline, Mayer says, they would enter uncharted legal territory.
“I think it would probably open up avenues of legal challenges, although I’m not certain of that,” he says. “It seems to me you’d have an easier time going after a plan if it was not built up by the wards.”

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