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Monday, May 2, 2011

Voter ID Amendments Put Students At Risk

Before you start proposing "window dressing" changes you should find out how things work.  The JSOnline article Photo ID bill could create security problem on campuses - Patrick Marley - Journal Sentinel May 2, 2011 makes you wonder if Rep. Jeff Stone (R-Greendale) did his homework!

My knowledge may not be perfect either but why would someone spend minimally $8,000 to attend college (minimal tuition costs in Madison) just so he or she could vote fraudulently - because they are not a real "resident" of the state.  It has been a while but even residency used to be checked when you registered (or your parents) because the UW wanted that out-of-state money ... so at least some students minimally pay $23000 a year (and continue to pay it for 4 years) as they came from another state - the least we could do is let them easily establish residency for voting !  That's a lot of mooooo - lah ... something people in Wisconsin know about - you betcha!

From the source -
Assembly Republicans have tweaked a bill requiring voters to show identification at the polls to allow some college IDs, but Democrats are ripping the change as window dressing. 
University of Wisconsin-Madison IDs in their current form would not be adequate to vote under the provisions of the bill. That’s because the bill requires college IDs to have current addresses and dates of birth on them.
Putting addresses on ID cards would create a major security concern because the IDs include magnetic strips that serve as keys to student housing, said Don Nelson, director of state relations for UW-Madison. Anyone who found a lost card would know where the student lives and have access to their residence.
Rep. Jeff Stone (R-Greendale), author of the bill, said he did not know how the cards were used.

#VoterID Amendments Put UW Students At Risk

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