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Monday, May 16, 2011

Education War : Grothman and Alternate Reality

Grothman has announced another subsidy for private schools (3/24).  This is on his State Website - you can click title to see it all.  Even more questionable is the over generalization and problable mis-statement (and that is being kind)!  Here is one his statements -

“With the government already subsidizing private education by up to $6,500 per year for Milwaukee residents, the proposal would offer assistance, albeit a lesser amount, for outstate parents who want an alternative to the public schools for their children,” said Grothman.  “Whether their concerns are Wisconsin’s declining test scores, a radical new sex education program pushed through the Legislature last year, or public school teachers proselytizing a liberal political agenda in their schools, it is unfair not to provide a little assistance to independent-minded parents.” 

Too much to question - "Wisconsin’s declining test scores" - where does he get this - what's his source?

Not these (from DPI site) -
Wisconsin No. 1 in national graduation rate report
Over five consecutive years, state ranks first or second in public high school graduation rate
Overall MPS results higher than choice schools on statewide exams 
Wisconsin Student Assessment System provides first look at MPCP achievement on statewide exams
Overall state results on NAEP science exceed national average

WSJ (2010) -
Wisconsin average ACT test score third highest in nation

... so on an so forth!

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