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Friday, May 13, 2011

WiDNR- WiJobs -NPR - Wanted: Foreign Workers For Germany's Job Boom

What does this tell you?  My narrative is that Germany with its heavy export economy may be filling in for crippled production from Japan and the downsizing forced on U.S. automakers.  It also foretells future recovery in the U.S. and more job growth.  Back here in Wisconsin anyone who says "we're broke" should be tossed out of office.

Even though we will get 250,000 jobs soon enough in Wisconsin it won't be due to Governor Walker's policies!  His narrative is that his "open for business" policies would create 250,000 jobs during his term.  Doyle's DOR estimates (prior to Walker) were something like 200,000 over Walker's term.  So do be skeptical of the spin!

On the Walker/Wisconsin theme see this early blog entry!  "Mainstream" media journalist's repeating Walker's mantra like it was some bold risk on his part has been very disappointing.  CapTimes finally wrote an editorial the other day challenging Walker - maybe they said it earlier - I did not see it!

250,000: When an employment promise is NOT a promise!

Now it will be used to justify privatizing DNR and wreaking havoc on the environment!  Will the real journalists please not behave like lemmings and do more than shallow deadline making reporting - I know it's tough but someone has to do it!

[This blog entry is a recreation and extension from yesterday!  The original was lost in the cloud by Blogger - I guess!]

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