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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Madison Times: Faith groups ask WWJD? by A. David Dahmer May 27, 2011

You just have to have faith that lobbyists and pay-to-play politicians will use their moral compass and do the right thing - or know what the right thing to do is!

From the article (click title) -

“Every budget is a statement of values, especially budgets that are made in difficult times. Our budgets are, in fact, moral documents, describing the priorities, our values, and our willingness as people of faith to live out our call to work for justice and to care for the most vulnerable among us. The governor has proposed a budget that he says will close our state's budget deficit. It is our belief that his proposed budget, in fact, creates a moral deficit in our state. [It’s a] moral deficit in as much as it fails to address the common good and protect our most vulnerable brothers and sisters. As people of faith, we know that decreasing the cost of being rich while increasing the cost of being poor is not ethical. A budget that is balanced on the back of workers and the poor is not just, it is not moral, and it is certainly no solution.”
Those were the words of Madison-area Urban Ministry (MUM) Executive Director Linda Ketcham who spoke at a news conference as representatives of communities of faith gathered May 18 for the unveiling of the Wisconsin Values Budget.

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