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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Moore to go against Harsdorf

Moore is more than enough to defeat Harsdorf!

District Ten for Wisconsin

Sunday, May 15
Moore for Senate Campaign kick-off
Menomonie office: 12 noon
Hudson office: 12 noon
River Falls office: 12 noon
Canvassing door to door - VOLUNTEERS NEEDED
Meet at the local campaign offices

Saturday, May 21 - Chippewa Falls
Fighting Bob Fest North: a forum for progressives to gather and inspire each other in the tradition of Wisconsin’s pioneering activist “Fighting Bob” LaFollette.
9am - 5pm
Northern Wisconsin Fairgrounds
331 Jefferson Ave, Chippewa Falls, WI

Saturday, May 28 - Menomonie
"Please and Thank You Campaign to Replace Harsdorf"
10am - 5pm
WCEA Office, 105 N 21st St., Menomonie, Wisconsin


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