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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Walker's Wars: Education - Vouchers for Beloit, GB, Racine

The ink is still drying on Walker's last voucher giveaway and he marches on to propose it for other places in the state.  He said this in DC to the American Federation for Children at an award event for him among others?

JSOnline: Walker: Budget could expand school choice to other cities - Assembly approves expansion of program in Milwaukee 5/10/2011

JSOnline: Senate president balks at Gov. Walker's school choice proposal 5/11/2011

Why is it a giveaway?  Milwaukee Public Schools and their students are doing as well as the voucher kids - so the program is not needed and may be part of the problem denying the school district needed resources.

WSJ: DPI: Students in Milwaukee voucher program 3/29/2011didn't perform better in state tests

It's a giveaway because it is essentially a gift to anyone who has one or more children to get $6,442 voucher per child.  Previously you paid property taxes and state revenue sharing to support public schools.  Now people with a $350,000 house in Milwaukee county are being subsidized to send their kids to school than they ever pay in property taxes.  Net effect the rest of us are making up the difference.

It's time to get ahead of the curve on this one!  Let Senator Mike Ellis and the JFC what you think of this proposal.  Remember the link -

Be Heard Link: All Education Committee Members and Group Access

Be Heard Link: All Joint Finance Comm. Members and Group Access

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