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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Walker's Wars: Education - Vouchers for Beloit, GreenBay, Racine

[This updated version showed up as a draft 5/17 among my posts - I think it was one of the "blogger posts" lost in the cloud that I had given up seeing again - well here it is.]

The ink is still drying on Walker's last voucher giveaway and he marches on to propose it for other places in the state.  He said this in DC to the American Federation for Children at an award event for him among others?

JSOnline: Walker: Budget could expand school choice to other cities - Assembly approves expansion of program in Milwaukee 5/10/2011

Sen. Alberta Darling (R-River Hills), co-chair of the Legislature's budget committee, said Republicans are talking about creating choice programs in Racine, Beloit and Green Bay. She said she supports the idea and the programs could begin this fall or the fall of 2012.
"I can't say it's cooked, but it's on the table," she said.
Rep. Robin Vos (R-Rochester), the other co-chair of the Joint Finance Committee, said he hoped the committee would put the measure into the budget by the beginning of June and then forward it to the two houses for votes within weeks.
"I think the idea of giving more choice to parents should be an easy sell to our caucus," he said.
Darling is up for recall and has 10 wards located in the City of Milwaukee. Senate District 8, is comprised of Assembly Districts 22, 23, 24 with parts of Milwuakee, Ozaukee and Washington County..  Rep. Sandy Pasch (, District 22 is running against Darling in the recall. More info Daily Kos:Darling Demographics.

JSOnline: Senate president balks at Gov. Walker's school choice proposal 5/11/2011

“We have problems with the elimination of the income threshold because the idea behind this program was to help poverty-stricken students who don’t have the wherewithal to go to private school," Ellis said in a brief interview. “This is a complete blowing up of that concept. Throw this (new proposal) in and I have to do some serious thinking about the rest of this.”
Ellis said he hadn't thought Walker wanted to pursue the expansion of voucher schools.
 “I’m amazed at this. I didn’t see this coming,” Ellis said.
Why is it a giveaway?  Milwaukee Public Schools and their students are doing as well as the voucher kids - so the program is not needed and may be part of the problem denying the school district needed resources.

WSJ: DPI: Students in Milwaukee voucher program 3/29/2011didn't perform better in state tests

It's a giveaway because it is essentially a gift to anyone who has one or more children to get $6,442 voucher per child.  Previously you paid property taxes and state revenue sharing to support public schools.  Now people with a $350,000 house in Milwaukee county are being subsidized to send their kids to school more than they ever pay in property taxes.  Net effect the rest of us are making up the difference.

As I understand it this program was created 20 years ago to assist kids of disadvantaged families given the then current theory that the schools were failing them rather than society.  The experiment is over - it should end.

It's time to get ahead of the curve on this one!  Let Senator Mike Ellis and the JFC know what you think of this proposal.  Remember the link -

Be Heard Link: All Education Committee Members and Group Access

Be Heard Link: All Joint Finance Comm. Members and Group Access

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