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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Walker gets idea from China but with a twist

Let's say upfront that this is satire so those of you with your concealed weapons will not threaten me with bodily harm! What a day it has been!  Faustian bargains!

Chinese iPad Factory Staff Forced To Sign 'No Suicide' Pledge

From the posting -
"Employees at Foxconn facilities in China, used to manufacture the iPhone and iPad, were forced to sign a pledge not to commit suicide after over a dozen staff killed themselves over the last 16 months. The revelation is the latest in a series of findings about the treatment of workers at Foxconn plants, where staff often work six 12-hour shifts a week, 98 hours of overtime in a month, and live in dormitories that look and feel like prison blocks."
Walker declares 'State Employee Recognition Day'  but you have to sign first then we will recognize you ... and just retire ... no suicides unless you are ill!

From the source -
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has proclaimed Wednesday "State Employee Recognition Day," months after pushing a bill that would strip most of those workers of their collective bargaining rights.
Walker praised state workers for cutting costs in tough economic times while noting their essential service to the state. He also unveiled a state worker recognition program earlier this week, which would reward employees who provided "outstanding conduct in serving the people of Wisconsin."

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