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Saturday, May 28, 2011

#wiRecall Stall ... so what's the real impact?

You just have to wonder what this really means?  Does it make it more likely that the Republican Legislature will play a "new collective bargaining game" or less likely.  On the other hand an election in the middle of summer shortly after a major holiday - what impact on turn out does that imply.  The JSOnline: Review of recall petitions going slowly; July 12 election in doubt is interesting but nobody has a clue and as they say it's a tough job.

From the article -
The task before the accountability board has been daunting. According to the board, more than 200,000 signatures submitted on 30,748 pages of petitions had to be analyzed. That doesn't include the challenges, affidavits and rebuttals submitted by the nine recall committees and incumbents.

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