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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Path to Prosperity: Rep Paul Ryan in Chicago 5/15/11

Rep. Paul Ryan is still talking and will be in Chicago 5/15.  Sounds like he will have a "big" turnout?  The author is selling how Medicare is going to go bust.  There are plenty of solutions other than making sure those who depend on Medicare do go bust.  Ironically the Ryan plan was one of those divide and conquer plans - he just forgot that parents care about their kids and until something is done to reform the "healthcare lobby" they know we will all go broke and some sort of voucher may get you a toothbrush under Ryan's Path to Prosperity.  I am sure we will all be welcome at The Economic Club of Chicago.

MoveOn plans to greet Paul Ryan in Chicago with ‘angry opposition’ over Medicare

The aricle is from  -May 14th, 2011 11:55 am CT  Keith Liscio Chicago Conservative Examiner

WI 1848 Forward: Path to #Prosperity: Rep Paul #Ryan in Chicago 5/15/11 #AARP #47% #Janesville

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