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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Recall in Glendale WI only 1 of 6 Polling Locations open?

Speaks for itself, from "Glendale Now" -

Glendale opens only one polling location for recall election

Glendale - Plan to vote at City Hall on July 12.
The Common Council on Monday decided to open only one of its six polling locations for the recall election for the 8th District State Senate Race. Sen. Alberta Darling, who is being recalled, will be on the ballot as well as Sandy Pasch, who currently represents the 22nd Assembly District.
If more candidates submit the paperwork to run for the seat, the July 12 election will be a primary with a general election to follow in August. City Administrator Richard Maslowski said the election does not include all city voters as the 6th Aldermanic District and part of the 1st Aldermanic District are not part of the 8th Senate District.
"We will save some money by having one common polling place," Maslowski said.
There is no funding for special elections in the city's 2011 budget.
Mayor Jerry Tepper wondered if one poll would be enough.
"It seems there could be a large turnout," he said. "If we have everything at City Hall, it could discourage some electors." ...

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