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Monday, June 13, 2011

More Strange - Collective Bargaining NOT or Collective Ideology by Republicans

Let's see was it not just a month ago that a $636 million dollar surplus was identified and now to balance the budget the Legislature just has to have collective bargaining in the budget (if the Supreme Court does not go along with them)!  The Governor wants to hand out between $6K and $7K tax breaks for every kid in Milwaukee County so they can go to corporate schools ... and he wants to do it for other counties too!  Is it not also the case that the Governor is going change rules for Seniorcare and Badgercare so fewer people are eligible ... that is not a tax increase?  Does the Governor think that reducing the income of most state and municipal employees income by more than 10% is not a tax increase.  Those are just the things I can easily recall ... who are the Republicans kidding ... and Fitzgerald thinks the Democrats are lying?  He is just picking on the people he thinks he has prevented from voting ... next time!  Ask a preacher's son WWJD!

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