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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

VoterID - Human Costs - Legislature does Community Service NOT Update 7/26

While I waited at DMV to renew my license I was impressed by the speed and efficiency by which the staff proceeded.  Check in, get assigned to the right queue, be advised of what you needed, verify that you had it.  Get in this place to get your picture taken, wait, get called to get your license, take a vision test, wait, go get your license.  My renewal was routine but still took an hour.  It took about 10 minutes to get in the door to get checked in at 10am.  The picture taking about another 10 minutes.  Then the major wait ... only 35 minutes to wait to be called (fill out the paper work, write a check while you are waiting) ... vision test... paper work in order. Five minutes to get the plastic card.

There were a lot of people there for less routine reasons.  One of those was to get a "Voter Id Card".  I watched as an elderly woman in a wheel chair pushed by her elderly companion maneuvered all the feet and narrow walking spaces to the opposite end of the room to get a photograph.  I watched as the DMV staff person twisted and turned the wheel chair to get her in to position to take a photograph.  I watched as the the staff person rearranged chairs to give her a reasonable place to wait (probably another 40-50 minutes) before she would have an ID.

Some people, perhaps her legislator, knew this woman's ID all of her life.  I wish her legislator had been required as community service to help her get ready to go to DMV this morning, get her into the wheel chair, get her to the car or bus or cab, get the wheel chair a part for transport, arrive at DOT West in Madison, put the wheel chair together and get her into it, get in line and start waiting.

I admire how much this woman wants to vote even though our legislature is willing to spend between $4-$8 million to make it as difficult as possible because she has no ID.

_______Update - someone else with VoterID Experience at same DMV 7/26

WI 1848 Forward: #VoterID - Human Costs - #Legislature does Community Service NOT Update : #AARP #47% #99% vs #1% 7/26

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