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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Support WiscNet, Libraries and Education

WiscNet, libraries and education in general need our support - please let your legislators know how important you think they are.  Click the title above to get to a list of legislator's emails which can be cut and pasted easily.

If you need some background please see the comment by Tad Pinkerton in -

Dear Editor: My colleagues and I brought the Internet to the University of Wisconsin System and to other higher education institutions in Wisconsin, and to public schools and libraries throughout the state through a nonprofit association called WiscNet. The budget proposal that would prohibit future work of this kind is a travesty. Research depends on using the very latest communications tools and capacity to be competitive, and these tools are not provided in Wisconsin by telecommunications companies. The UW-Madison must buy its access to them wholesale, and supplement them substantially with its own networking expertise. This expertise and capacity are then made available in the rest of the state through WiscNet. ...

The full piece - Tad Pinkerton: State budget attack on WiscNet a travesty


As a graduate in Computer Science from UW-Madison and knowing Tad, I concur with his statements and want to acknowledge his service to our state.  Please support WiscNet by using these lists to send your message more easily.

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