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Sunday, June 19, 2011

NPR - 6/19 - Public Union Strife Redefining Wisconsin's Identity

Professor Kathy Walsh has been on the air before in other interviews talking about her research and face to face interviews with people in their communities (and coffee shops).  The kind of information she passes along helps us all keep things in perspective!  This morning I went looking for more interviews ... I know they are there perhaps on WPR not just NPR.  The title will take you to the audio and story but you can listen here.

From 4/30/2011 - 4min: Wisconsin's Political Split Hardens Into Great Divide

...University of Wisconsin-Madison political scientist Kathy Cramer Walsh says voters here have always had their disagreements, "but Wisconsinites, in general, are good at sort of smoothing over differences and getting along. And right now we're not getting along, and it's blown out into the open. I'd say it's pretty different. It feels un-Wisconsin-like to me."...

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