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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wisconsin Recalls - AP 6/15

Wis. Dems protest ruling allowing recall elections for 3 Dem senators, allege widespread fraud by  DINESH RAMDE  Associated Press

 MADISON, Wis. — The Wisconsin Democratic Party wants a court to invalidate thousands of signatures collected on recall petitions in recent weeks, a move that if granted would effectively end recall efforts targeting three Democratic state senators. ...

Unfortunately the Republican Assembly has taken the first step, the Senate will act and the Governor will sign - passing the"budget" before the recall elections will take place.  In the next several months we will see the human price as the budget ripples through towns, villages, cities and counties. Probably even worse is that it may be years before the real cost is fully appreciated - kids that don't get a good education, cannot afford to go to college or are not prepared to succeed when they get there.

The problem is ... it can get worse ... focus on the recalls of the Republican Senators and make it happen!  Governor Walker will still try to privatize state owned power plants, privatize DNR, cut Medicaid for the most in need, the list goes on,  etc. - use this knowledge to stay motivated and working for the Governor's recall!


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