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Monday, June 20, 2011

Spkr. Robin Vos - is this true??? no more?

Everything you wanted to know about Robin Vos but were afraid to ask

We told you Monday about Robin Vos, the Republican state rep from Burlington who was so modest he told everything about his personal tastes on a dating website but didn't reveal he was a legislator, saying he was "self-employed." Earlier post: "Sensitive legislator wants to meet skinny-dipping flirt with money, power."

Soon after that post went up, Vos' page mysteriously became unavailable on the website.
from the the Xoff Files ... click title to see the story ... only he was self-employed ;-} ... please note this is from 2005 ...

Here and Now  Robin Vos takes over as Assembly Speaker  2013



WI 1848 Forward: Robin #Vos - is this true??? no more? was w/ #ALEC #JFC #Assembly Speaker 2013 #spin

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