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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

More Strange - Your license: made in California by TMJ4

We owe so much to the Wisconsin Republican led Legislature and our U.S. Representative Sensenbrenner.  If you do not have clue start following Sensenbrenner Watch.  Sensnebrenner was the big push behind "Real ID" and of course our Legislature our own Voter ID with DOT in charge (practically).  Now you vote with a "paper receipt" are the probable consequences except that the local "clerk" at the voting office will make you do it "provisionally" because you do not have a proper "picture ID".

From the article -
Starting this fall, Wisconsin driver's license cards will no longer be printed in Wisconsin.  Instead, the state will outsource the work to a company that will print the cards in California.
Under the new plan, Wisconsin drivers will still go to the DMV office to complete paperwork, have their eyes checked, and have their photograph taken as normal. However, the local DMV office will only issue a printed paper receipt that can be used while the actual printed license card is being manufactured in California.  The temporary paper receipt will have a driver's photo on it and can be used as identification at the airport or to vote, the DOT said.

If that last sentence is true why do we need "picture ID's" ... one could just pass the "paper with picture" or fudge it a bit around for a few weeks ;-}.  Isn't this all just silly!  This again is a case of "more expensive" being sold as saving money.

WI 1848 Forward: More Strange - Your license: made in California by TMJ4 #WI Drivers #DOT #Jobs

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