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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Walkerville when it is not freezing ...soon ...!? 6/4-6/20 Budget Awareness!

The We are Wisconsin alliance is applying for a permit for this Saturday through June 20th to camp out on the Mifflin Street side of the Capitol Square in downtown Madison!  If you did not know it there were people camping outside the Capitol way back when in the freezing cold, especially when access to the Capitol was non-existent to difficult, which unfortunately is still the case despite court orders.

From the article at and Wisconsin State Journal -

Wiith lawmakers gearing up for a vote on the state budget, a “Walkerville” camp similar to the one that sprang up during the protests at the state Capitol earlier this year may be returning this weekend — this time to the terraces of Mifflin and Carroll streets.
We Are Wisconsin, an alliance of community groups, labor unions and others, has asked the city for a permit to set up the camp across from the Capitol to provide information about Gov. Scott Walker’s budget proposals and efforts to recall Republican legislators who voted to eliminate bargaining rights for most public employees.

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