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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Gov. Walker - listen carefully ... Holperin vs Simac vs who ... vote split?

WisPolitics is quoting Governor Walker ... who is he talking about ... FAB14?  He is also talking about the three Democrats who may be facing recall!  In particular he thinks Holperin is vulnerable!
"To me it's real simple. Voters in those three races should ask themselves a simple question -- if they didn't show up for work for three weeks, would they still have a job? I think the answer is simple, they'd all be fired. And voters have to question whether or not they're going to fire the people that didn't show up for work," Walker said.

an earlier snippet from article -
"Kenosha was a toss-up. Green Bay Prosser won. Holperin's district Prosser won overwhelmingly by more than 15 points," he said.

So now you know the challenge ... is it real or a faint?

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