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Thursday, May 19, 2011

JFC Co-chair Robin Vos - plans to finish its work on - budget by 6/4.

Alarm Bells!  This change(?) in JFC schedule is alarming - meaning anticipate and act now not later! reports ... JFC Co-chair Robin Vos says the committee plans to finish its work on the budget by June 4 (which is a Saturday).  Remember Fitzgerald said "Collective Bargaining" might go back into budget if not decided on by the Courts (before June).  Supreme Court set (I think June 6th) for the day they would consider arguments about Judge Sumi's stop order - not that they would decide anything except whether to proceed on the question!  JFC (Darling/Vos) have nothing in the Calendar beyond the end of May ( the link is in the title, click).

I recall hearing Vos say at a past hearing that this process (JFC) would probably go into late June (and it usually does - if not longer).

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