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Monday, May 30, 2011

Walker's War on Education: Plans to teach all 3rd Graders to read ... a busy year!

Governor Walker is going to be very, very busy with his "Read to Lead" program since he is now going to do the job of all the Reading Specialists he eliminated!  He may not have time to pass "anti-collective bargaining legislation" - you know - something has to give when you are so busy.  Do not worry, the RECALL Senators, like Darling and even Senator Luther Olsen will help him out!

Walker's War on Education: Eliminate Reading Specialists  from blog on 4/7 (did I miss anything - this has not changed?) Click!


Walker pushes "Read to Lead" in Milwaukee  from 5/3 story - sorry you have to go to the site to see him demonstrate his technique. Click!


5/30: I just heard that he has some up coming demonstrations of his masterful techniques at various schools - sorry - don't know the schedule!

 Notice "experts" and DPI are represented - but this is one of those "strange bedfellows" political situations - everyone is trying to be positive - but you can be sure under the covers that there are real policy differences  ... with the Governor trying to "privatize education" by making a lot of noise about reading for kids!

Maybe we should all go the "publicity/press conference" tomorrow!  Governor's press release from

Governor’s Read to Lead Task Force
1 p.m.

Governor’s Conference Room,

115 East,
State Capitol.

Governor Scott Walker, Chair

Superintendent Tony Evers, Vice-Chair

Members: Mara Brown, Kathy Champeau, Steve Dykstra, Michele Erikson, Representative Jason Fields, Marcia Henry, Representative Steve Kestell, Rachel Lander, Senator Luther Olsen, Tony Pedriana, Linda Pils, and Mary Read.

Guests: Professors from UW colleges of education

Welcome and opening remarks by Governor Walker and Superintendent Evers.

Introductions from task force members and guest members representing UW colleges of education.

A discussion of teacher training and professional development including current practices and ways to improve.

Short break.

A discussion of reading interventions including current practices and ways to improve.

A discussion of future topics and future meeting dates.


Governor Scott Walker

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