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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Health Costs double in 9 Years - Ryan's plan - you pay for it!!

Rep. Paul Ryan is trying to solve the wrong problem on purpose!  Either tackle the "Health Care" lobby or it will just keep on - doubling every 6 to 9 years!  In your "high school" finance class you learned that at about 4-7% interest your money would double every 7 years - oh! you did not have that class!  Well we would not want you to be to prepared - life gets boring!

U.S. Health Care Costs Per Family More Than Doubled In Nine Years, Report Finds  Huffington Post 5/17

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Lisa Miller said...

In a free market, that trend would reverse. Repeal Federal and State mandates, fund only State or lower fully portable benefits for the poor ONLY, end all direct subsidies to businesses and charities and privatize Federal, State and local facilities and services and watch costs crash, innovation take off. As our financials repair watch then jobs form in the market to further address the needs of the market.

Bill Gates said...

Lisa - you seem confident in your beliefs. I do not agree. The "free market" does not optimize "public health" it optimizes profit generally by discrimination through your ability to pay and denial of service.