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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Upd - Collective Bargaining and Recalls and Budgets

Unfortunately the Republican game plan seems to be on track!  If the courts (whichever) give them a favorable ruling they are even further along.  Favorable means the "Open Meetings" laws were not violated. Governor Walker will have successfully destroyed public unions and further lowered the wage, benefits and protections that any individual in any job may be able to obtain in Wisconsin.

When GAB was accorded its plan not to hold any recall elections until July the State Senate became the only place that the new Budget could be stopped or altered.  If recalls had been executed sooner putting the "Collective Bargaining" argument back in the new budget might have been problematic. If the Democrats had regained control of the Senate, changed the make up of the JFC and consequently had leverage on the Budget we might actually have seen a stalemate (euphemism for bipartisanship).  Now with the JFC barreling along like a "high speed train" to complete its work and get the budget done ASAP before June 30th (and recalls) the FAB14 may only have one recourse.

The Fitzgeralds have the cards to help Governor Walker have his way.  Are the threats of "recalls" sufficient to cause some State Senators to either want to slow things down or put them more in a frame of mind of "going down with the ship" - after all Walker will always give me a job!  Some State Senators should keep their bags packed - this should be pretty clear to anyone watching the scene.

A recent AP story in WSJ may help anyone wanting to relive the past several months!

GOP leaders: If there's no ruling by June, union vote could come in committee 

Update: It never happens by accident.  Who was leaking to whom or who was pressuring whom or what was being traded??   The Fitzgeralds were talking to AP knowing that this was coming down - that's what I think?

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