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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Who is Representative Paul Ryan(?) representing!?

Do you know what is at stake in 2012 if the issue gets put out of mind?  Is it time for a Grover Norquist style pledge - "I will support Medicare and funding for Medicare so help me Grover".  Perhaps -  "I will support SeniorCare, I will support BadgerCare so help me Scott Walker".

NYTimes: Medicare makes Buffalo NY race competitive - 
NYTimes: G.O.P. Medicare Plan Shakes Up Race for House Seat By RAYMOND HERNANDEZ Published: May 5, 2011

I wrote this in the first of several blog entries included below (4/11) -
I wonder if the strategy is to make certain that if Ryan's policies are rejected the nuclear fallout misses the rest of the conservatives.  If he fails he will survive and show up in a think-tank and if he succeeds he will be running for Vice-President.  So much for fanciful thinking - that's all for now, folks!
The following article from the Wall Street Journal today (5/4)  seems to answer the question or does it!  The ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) ideas just go away for a little while and then come back again and again.  In the meantime Governor Walker is still poised to radically change Medicaid and/or Medicare in Wisconsin - so remain vigilant and vocal!  Read the detail - the devil is hiding there.

GOP, White House Talk Deal on Debt
GOP leaders and the White House are discussing a deal that would enact strict deficit targets and some spending cuts to win Republican votes for lifting the ceiling on how much the federal government can borrow.
The deal would defer contentious decisions about Medicare, Medicaid and taxes until after the 2012 elections. If such an agreement were reached, it would allow both sides to assure financial markets and the public of their commitment to reducing the deficit and then use next year's campaign to lay out their competing visions for the future of major government programs.
"We're not going to get a grand slam agreement. We're not going to get a big, comprehensive agreement, because of the political parameters," Rep. Paul Ryan, the Wisconsin Republican who chairs the House Budget Committee told reporters Wednesday. "My hope at this moment is to get a single or a double."
Now do you know what is at stake in 2012 if the issue gets put out of mind?

The links are included here for several blog entries related to Paul Ryan (The first and last help illustrate the amount of coordination ALEC achieves and how!) -

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