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Thursday, May 19, 2011

WSJ -Telecom deregulation bill gets state Legislature's OK

[This updated version showed up as a draft 5/17 among my posts - I think it was one of the "blogger posts" lost in the cloud by Blogger that I had given up seeing again - well here it is.]  

Funny ... but serious ... it seems to codify what already goes on - when was the last time you got a problem resolved!  Another example of this legislature solving a problem that does not exist like VoterID (AB7) - not really!  More Pay to Play legislation!  Whatever happened to concepts like "Universal Telecom Access"?

From the source -

The state could no longer investigate complaints from consumers about their telephone and Internet providers or regulate service rates under a bill expected to soon become law.
...But critics insisted the proposal would leave consumers vulnerable to rate increases and no recourse if they have poor service.
“The service quality will become poorer and poorer and the price will be higher and higher,” state Sen. Kathleen Vinehout, D-Alma, said.
She said rural areas will be especially hard hit by the measure because of limited service providers in those areas, warning “we’re pitting urban against rural.”
The bill has also has been criticized by groups like the Citizens Utility Board of Wisconsin, calling it “a giveaway to the telecom industry, and the takeaway of grandma’s phone.”

The measure has the support of industry leaders like AT&T Wisconsin.
...AT&T, through its political action committee and employees, contributed more than $78,000 during 2009 and the first 10 month of 2010 to current lawmakers and the governor, the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign says. Of that amount, more than $20,000 went to Walker.

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