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Tuesday, November 21, 2023

What's your vision for Wisconsin?

 Lot's of ideas ...

Invest in community level post-highschool education!

Keep places like Richland Center open and even add more or other kinds of State level support for education ... vocational and academic.  The state support for education has declined and declined.

Invest in local libraries and internet connectivity in more communities, again using State dollars.

Invest in rural health care coverage. More paramedic support coupled with local fire department full-time personnel.

Increase Homestead Tax Credit relief. 

... more later ... 

Florence Cnty WI >Social Not Just Physical Infrastructure should be Dems Party Strategy

What's your vision for #Wisconsin? #WI #WisconsinForward

Sunday, November 12, 2023

WI Senate District 24 ... a little wierd ...Sparta, Tomah, Wisconsin Rapids, Stevens Point major population centers

Sparta and Tomah are a lot closer to La Crosse than they are to Wisconsin Rapids or Stevens Point.  Where do you think the three WI Assembly District (70,71,72) boundaries are located that divide up Senate District 24?  

The latter two are on the upper eastern end of Senate 24 and Sparta and Tomah at the lower western end.  It looks like you only have one semi-direct route from corner to corner.

Stevens Point is within Assembly District 71 along with ~20 other 'political divisions'.

The map image below shows the layout of 292 wards in the Senate District 24.  It covers parts of seven counties from Adams to Wood.  

The story needs to examine the three Assembly Districts contained within Senate 24.  All Senate Districts have exactly three Assembly Districts contained within them.

Congressional Gerrymandering In Wisconsin -- One view of the ANALYTICS with maps

Is #WISenate District 24 #gerrymandered?

#WISenate District 24 ... a little wierd ... #Sparta, #Tomah, #WisconsinRapids, #Stevens Point major population centers.

Where do you think the three #WIAssembly District boundaries are located that divide up #SenateDistrict 24?  

Wednesday, November 8, 2023

WI Incumbent State Senators whose time is up in 2024! Any Challenger?

16 out of 33 - 10 Rep 6 Dem - Map of Districts

Below is the list of incumbent WI State Senators up for election 2024 - who is running for their seat? Anyone?

  • 02 Robert Cowles Rep Green Bay
  • 04 Lena Taylor Dem Milwaukee
  • 06 La Tonya Johnson Dem Milwaukee
  • 08 Dan Knodl Rep Germantown
  • 10 Rob Stafsholt Rep New Richmond
  • 12 Mary Felzkowski Rep Irma
  • 14 Joan Ballweg Rep Markesan
  • 16 Melissa Agard Dem Monona
  • 18 Dan Feyen Rep Fond du Lac
  • 20 Duey Stroebel Rep Saukville
  • 22 Robert Wirch Dem Somers

  • 24 Patrick Testin Rep Stevens Point 
  •      Challenger Collin McNamara (Dem) according to Ballotpedia August 13th primary

  • 26 Kelda Roys Dem Madison
  • 28 Julian Bradley Rep Franklin
  • 30 Eric Wimberger Rep Green Bay
  • 32 Brad Pfaff Dem Onalaska
Click the link (redirect) to see the districts, by incumbent Senator, on an interactive map!  You can change the background and scale to see better where you live.

Each district represents nearly 180,000 people (in 2020). Ever seen or met your Senator?

Is your Senator there - be aware!  The white space on the map are districts waiting until 2026!

#WI Incumbent State #Senators whose time is up in #2024! Any Challenger?

Safe #Gerrymandered #WISenate results in no choice

Rep stands for Republican, Dem for Democrat.

Sunday, November 5, 2023

Election 2024: WI Senate Districts with "hover" and "population popup' plus 'background change'!

Click on link to redirect to interactive map with selectable backgrounds, scalable,  etc.

 WI Senate Districts only allows images and YouTube videos ... hence redirect for interactivity!

Other maps index for browsing

#Wisconsin #Senate Districts currently November, 2023

#WI - Where do you #vote? Quick lookup #map 

Thursday, October 26, 2023

Gerrymandering: Why dysfunction in Congress could be here to stay


Why dysfunction in Congress could be here to stay. abc news

The recent dearth of competitive seats, however, doesn’t only influence the size of the majority: It also influences the character of the elected officials who make up that majority. Competitive districts often produce politicians who feel incentivized to compromise. In “safe” districts, the most important campaign is the primary, not the general election, meaning candidates are rewarded for sticking as close to their base as possible.

Dysfunction 538

#Gerrymandering: Why #dysfunction in #Congress could be here to stay

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

How Leonard Leo’s project to reshape US judiciary got its start in Wisconsin


How Leonard Leo’s project to reshape US judiciary got its start in Wisconsin

The conservative strategist and dark money organizer has worked to place ideologically sympathetic judges at state level and all the way up to the US supreme court

In July 2015, Wisconsin’s supreme court shielded 

Governor Scott Walker, then a rising Republican 

star with aspirations to the presidency, from a criminal 


The court’s conservative majority halted the investigation 

into what prosecutors suspected were campaign finance 

violations. One of the deciding votes was cast by Justice 

David Prosser, a conservative who had won re-election a 

few years earlier in a heavily contested race. ...

Use the link to read more ...

Leonard #Leo ’s - reshape US #judiciary - start in # Wisconsin