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Thursday, October 7, 2021

What's the DISCONNECT? Popular Public Opinion Issues vs Presidential Popularity?

To me they frequently seem to be inconsistent!   Is that the way it should be or is there some other "fundamental" we do not understand?

I like Kahneman's idea of pre-mortem ... post-mortem is a self-serving rationalization.  Assuming the GOP, as epitomized by McConnell, is not irrational what are they "modeling" or thinking.

Creating a "current" impression of chaos qualifies GOP to govern?

Gerrymander - whether it is State level or Electoral College?

Bury issues of  human rights - keep them from public discourse?  Whether race or sex !

What's the DISCONNECT? Popular #PublicOpinion Issues vs #PresidentialPopularity? What do #Surveys really tell us?

ASO - Stop selling the recipe and sell the brownie ... disconnect?! #Biden agenda! 


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