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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Senators Manchin and Sinema: How to Promise to Primary Them in 2024! An Escrow Fund!!!

 I promise to donate more that $100 to such a fund!  It would work sort of like this!

We need other pols involved like - Baldwin, Sanders, Warren, Raskin, Schiff, etc.

We also need some "operatives" involved like Stacy Abrams.

The above types would serve as a governing board to support a candidate that they deem appropriate to  "primary" Manchin and Sinema if their voting record does not improve on social issues such as - votiing rights, choice, climate, pharma reform!

The accrued  campaign dollars could not be spent except for a majority of the board taking a no confidence vote on Sinema and/or Manchin and until after 2023.

The board has to similarly approve the candidates who will primary Manchin and Sinema.

The governing rules need to be fleshed out. 

This is a way make Manchin and Sinema accountable now and it will be taken seriously as the bank account grows.

Senators #Manchin and # Sinema: How to Promise to #Primary Them in 2024!  An #Escrow Fund!!! #PrimaryFilabuster #PrimaryManchin #PrimarySinema - Use #Escrow starting now! #2023 #2024 

Senators #Manchin and # Sinema: How to Promise to #Primary Them in 2024! An #Escrow Fund!!! #PrimaryFilabuster #PrimaryManchin #PrimarySinema - Use #Escrow starting now! #2023 #2024 - Keep them looking back ... Bernie #Sanders leverage!

Are you annoyed (or worse) with Senators #Manchin and #Sinema ... they hardly represent anybody! 

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