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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Conservatives ( Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty - WILL ) try to bypass Wisconsin Constitution -- limit Constitutional Officer - DPI

Conservatives try to bypass Wisconsin Constitution

State Superintendent of Public Instruction chief Tony Evers ignores new law on rule making, lawsuit says Tom Daykin and Jason Stein, Milwaukee Published 8:45 a.m. CT Nov. 20, 2017

MADISON - A conservative law firm sued state schools Superintendent Tony Evers Monday, seeking to rein in his rule-making authority at a time when the Democratic official is running for governor. 
The Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty filed the lawsuit directly to the state Supreme Court, opening the latest skirmish in a more than two-decade long battle in which Republicans have sought to limit the power of the Department of Public Instruction. 
Only last year, a divided Supreme Court ruled in Evers' favor in a similar case, but Monday's lawsuit essentially asks Wisconsin's highest court to revisit the issues in that earlier ruling. 

Big Picture - In the background diminishing DPI Chief would advance public money going to privates schools.

And now Walker wants Evers to get the worst possible legal representation before a partisan court!


EDUCATION LAWSUIT | JUSTICES TO HEAR CASE Scott Walker blocks political opponent from finding own attorney in lawsuit -MOLLY BECK

Gov. Scott Walker is blocking political opponent State Schools Superintendent Tony Evers from choosing a lawyer to represent him in a lawsuit brought by a conservative law firm seeking to diminish Evers’ power.
Attorney General Brad Schimel and other Department of Justice attorneys notified the Wisconsin Supreme Court on Tuesday that they were replacing the state Department of Public Instruction’s attorney in the case.
The conservative Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty alleges Evers violated a new law that requires state department officials to ask Walker for permission to craft administrative rules. WILL is asking the state Supreme Court to take the case.

Wisconsin: 1890 – Mess with education at your risk! Capitol Times

Today the Republican politics may seem to be about teachers and public servants but I think it is a flanking attack on public education from kindergarten to college. Force school districts to lower their standards by reducing funding for teachers, increase class size, diminish special programs, sports, arts, music, libraries, etc. so that we all give up. Parents with the means will get their kids educated and the rest can fend for themselves. This is the real strategy … see it for what it really is!

#Conservatives ( Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty ) try to bypass #Wisconsin #Constitution -- limit Constitutional Officer - #DPI

#Walker rigs it! #Conservatives ( Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty - #WILL ) try to bypass #Wisconsin #Constitution -- limit Constitutional Officer - #DPI

Groper in Chief #TRUMP ignores Roy #Moore for days/weeks and calls out Al #Franken -- #AccessHollywood  hmmm! #Weinstein MO

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