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Saturday, January 3, 2015

MJS : Gov. "Hidden Agenda" Walker - Purpose of " Budget Deficits " 2015


Jakes Fun House -LFB confirms- Wisconsin budget deficits now, and for the future  ... 

Perhaps Walker wanted a bigger deficit ... Presidential politics ?  Draconian reaction ... if he does it will make "conservatives" love him.  Everyone will forget he can't create jobs or grow the state's economy

1/1/2015 - MJS:  

The myth of Scott Walker as a budget guru

... It’s hard to deny the numbers. Since Walker took over, revenues have consistently come in less than expected due to a combination of below average job and wage growth, a sluggish state economy, and his arguably reckless $2 billion in tax cuts. Estimates now put our state budget at a $2.2 billion deficit. Walker has tried to dismiss the number as unrealistic because it’s calculated using agency requests and the agencies always end up with less than what they requested. But that’s an oddly hypocritical stance given that the apocryphal $3.6 billion budget deficit he always crows about balancing was calculated the very same way. ...

... and more unrealistic games by the GOP on the National level

In practice, these models are political statements. They show the biggest economic effects by assuming that tax cuts are financed by unspecified future spending cuts. The smaller size of government, not the tax cuts by themselves, largely drives the models’ results.

MJS : Gov. "Hidden Agenda" Walker - Purpose of " Budget Deficits " 2015

#HiddenAgendaWalker WI 1848 Forward: # MJS : Gov. " #HiddenAgenda " #Walker - Purpose of " #Budget #Deficits " 2015

Gov. "Hidden Agenda" #Walker - Purpose of " #Budget #Deficits " 2015- #LFB 1/23 - Wisconsin budget deficits bigger

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