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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Walker undue influence on elections - Politics - GAB - AP Scott Bauer 11/4/13

Update: 8/8/2014

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos says elections agency [GAB] head [Kennedy] 'has to go'

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Why Vote?

The headline reads in one source carrying the story ...

Walker withdraws nomination of elections board member who was chair during recall

... another source ... same story ...

The Governor's privilege - right?  Consider ... that 2011 recall elections of the Governor and other WI Legislators ... what do you think ... smells like limburger to me!

... from Scott Bauer's AP story ...

Doyle reappointed Deininger to the board in 2010 for a term that expires in 2016. Walker initially pulled back the appointment after taking office in 2011, but immediately reappointed Deininger. However, he was never confirmed by the state Senate.

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Looks more like Walker was trying to advise the GAB leader to toe the line for Republicans when making election and ethics decisions or you will not be reappointed! 

Right up there with buying a democratic legislator to prevent State worker union contract approval before Walker took office and giving him a job in your administration a month later. 

WI 1848 Forward: #Walker undue influence on #election politics - #GAB - #AP Scott #Bauer 11/4/13 - #voterID #wivote #timeCapsule  

#Walker Hidden Agenda WI 1848 Forward: undue influence on #election politics - #GAB - #AP 11/4/13 - #voterID #wivote #timeCapsule 

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