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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Honduran general election, 2013 - Nov. 24th - Public Security Looms Large

Honduran general election, 2013

From Wikipedia ...
The Honduran general election, 2013 will be held in Honduras on November 24, 2013,[1] including presidential, parliamentary and local elections. Voters will go to the polls to elect:

Last week, in the midst of a political campaign that has focused heavily on public security, authorities in Honduras deployed 1,000 military police as part of an effort to address drug violence and organized crime in this Central American country, home to the highest homicide rate in the world. ...
If Hernandez wins the election, the military police approach is likely to become a permanent part of the security structure, Ungar said. But it is unclear what the outcome will be. While two parties—the centrist Liberal Party and the conservative National Party—have long dominated Honduran politics, it is now fairly certain that no party will win an outright majority, said Ungar. 
Frank warned that entrenched interests may cause trouble if Castro, who is campaigning with her newly created Free Party, wins the presidency. “Should Xiomara Castro win, we can predict that the elites who control the two traditional parties, along with other allies of the oligarchs, will do everything they can to make the country ungovernable, since they will be deeply threatened by any true efforts to restore the rule of law, end impunity, address corruption, protect the environment, and respect the rights of labor, indigenous people, and small farmers,” Frank said.
“In analyzing efforts that might be made to make the country ‘ungovernable’ or ‘unstable,’ after the elections, it's essential to bear in mind that the same actors behind those efforts are those that have already produced a disastrously chaotic situation, in which the rule of law has been thrown out the door,” she said.
“Rather than address the root causes of violence, it is dangerously militarizing the country,” she said of the government. “Without true economic development and the creation of good jobs, moreover, young people will continue to turn to drug trafficking and crime rather than let their families starve.” ...
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WI 1848 Forward:  #Honduran general #election, 2013 - Nov. 24th - Public #Security Looms Large 

WI 1848 Forward:  #Honduran general #election, 2013 - Nov. 24th - Public #Security Looms Large < #Madison connection

#Honduran general #election, 2013 - Nov. 24th  - WI 1848 Forward:  - Public #Security Looms Large < #Madison #WORT

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