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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Honduran Elections & After Story 2013 : on the ground reporting

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Honduras has unfortunately been the poster child for how "good intentions" can be corrupted by "hidden agendas".  Hope springs eternal - only by keeping the spotlight on the problems of "maintaining democracy" in Latin America and highlighting past transgressions and politic-ides if not genocides can we ever expect change.

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Honduran Elections 2013

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With just a few days left until the elections, Honduras is alive with propaganda, political debates and campaigners.  Driving down any road in the country one sees telephone posts and billboards covered in campaign posters.
Xiomara campaign propaganda
As one would expect, the biggest posters and most propaganda seem to be coming from the hyper-conservative, corporate party, Partido Nacional.  But what is surprising and exciting in this election is that the corporate parties are not leading in the polls.
Partido LIBRE, newly created by ousted president Manuel Zelaya, is widely supported by the rural poor, the indigenous and the working class of Honduras and is currently leading in the polls.  Its policies include re-implementing modest reforms from Zelaya’s time in office, including raising minimum wage and supporting a land redistribution program.  The party is also pushing to convene a national assembly to rewrite the constitution.  Xiomara Castro de Zelaya, wife of the former president, is LIBRE’s presidential candidate.

Is Honduras On the Brink of Change? New Elections Could Restore Leftists to Power

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