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Monday, November 11, 2013

US Pop: Ideologically Conservative and Operationally Liberal

This story is a long read ... but ironic on so many levels.

The take sum up -------

Tea Partyers ranting “Keep the government’s hands off my Medicare!” may seem comical — but they also show just how broad a true consensus can be.  In fact, they reflect two central (but routinely ignored) facts of American public opinion that have remained remarkably stable since the 1960s, despite all that’s changed since then:

Tea Party shocker: Even right-wingers become liberals when they turn off Fox News

America's center is to the left, and even Tea Partyers are liberals when they turn off Rush and learn real facts


WI 1848 Forward:US Pop: Ideologically #Conservative and Operationally #Liberal - it's a 1% #elites Paul #Ryan plot

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