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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Upd: #Romney 's #Religion ?

Does not matter to me.  I only wonder why a friend of mine meeting a couple of  RNC  / GOP ladies today - they just had to tell her Obama was Muslim so Romney was ok as the GOP Presidential nominee.

So what's going on ... it seems to me bigotry is bigotry ... racism is racism ... and religious discrimination is forbidden by the Constitution via separation of church and state. 

It's NOT ok if you are a Muslim (even if you are not) to be President (implied).  But it is ok if you are a Mormon to be President.  I'm no expert - just confused?

This quote is from The Nation in a great article "Roger Williams, America's First Rebel" by John M. Barry ...

I fear it takes a subscription to see the whole thing ... I'll provide the link anyway ...

Roger Williams, America's First Rebel John M. Barry May 2, 2012 | This article appeared in the May 21, 2012 edition of The Nation.  

One quote is provided so relevant to the just concluded RNC ...

...They are right about one thing: the history of the idea of separating church and state is crucial to understanding the First Amendment. For that amendment did not come from mere intellectual exercise; it emerged in response to historic events. That history also demonstrates that it was no accident that the freedoms of religion, of speech, of the press, of assembly and of expressing grievances against the government were linked in the same amendment. Together they represent the essentials of liberty—the right to think as one chooses and to express that thought.

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