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Monday, May 7, 2012

Moyers : Between Two Worlds — Life on the Border May 4, 2012

From Moyer's introduction

No writer understands the border culture between Mexico and the United States more intimately than Luis Alberto Urrea, whose life is the stuff of great novels. Son of a Mexican father and Anglo mother, Urrea grew up first in Tijuana and then just across the border in San Diego. Over the years he has produced a series of acclaimed novels, including The Hummingbird’s Daughter, The Devil’s Highway, and his latest, Queen of Americaeach a rich and revealing account of the people of the borderlands that join and separate our two nations.
Three of Urrea’s books were among scores of others removed from classrooms earlier this year when the Tucson school district eliminated Mexican-American studies on the accusation it was “divisive.” But there’s no ban on ideas in Bill’s studio, and Urrea talks with Bill Moyers about that episode as he unfolds the modern reality of life on the border.
WI 1848 Forward: #Moyers : Between Two Worlds — Life on the Border May 4, 2012 : #Latino #Mexico #Immigration

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