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Saturday, April 14, 2012

#TeaParty Tax Day Protest 4/14/12 - #Madison #Capitol on King St - Beautiful Day

Last year Madison - video - Tax Tea Party Day 4/16/11 et al, Sarah Palin

Just a quick note ... the group seems just as earnest as last year although about 1/2 the size ... loose pack on King St plaza entrance to the square/Capitol.  I left just as Vicki McKenna was coming on.  Last year it was held on the opening day of Madison's Farmer's Market on the Square (Dane County) and there were as many people protesting the TeaParty as there were supporters ... and Sarah Palin was here! But the Farmer's Market had a big turnout - it starts next week this year (on the Square).  These are chronological from ~12 to  12:30pm ... the rhetoric seem more or less (2 or 3 speakers I heard) directed "War on Women, Children, Budgets and Deficits".

I just let a few pictures speak for themselves ...

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