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Saturday, July 29, 2017

FOXConn - Is It A Financial Con ? What does LFB say - Legislative Fiscal Bureau


"Trump and Walker are grifters." So are they the suckers on Foxconn? Or do they think we are?

While Scott Walker and Donald Trump had their press event last week at the site of the Foxconn factory in the SE corner of Wisconsin, we found out that what was being made at the factory wasn't what was promised when the Fox-con was passed into law less than a year ago. In particular, the large screens that Foxconn and Wisconsin GOP claimed would be made at the facility isn't going to be so large.


9/17/2017 ... Lets be sure to keep Walker and GOP accountable:  0 jobs and counting plus taxes given to corporations and other impositions on environment


LFB says 25 years but a simple analysis says:

  • What's the annual payroll going to be?  My guess $90M for 3000 jobs ... these are only going to be well paying for a few ... even $30000 a year is probably as an average pay ... kind of high.  After all this is to be a manufacturing facility ... mostly robots?
  • An economic multiplier of 3 would boost indirect economic benefit to $270M.
Waving all kinds of safeguards shifts external costs to those proverbial "grandchildren". What will cleanup or even current hazards cost.

The fact that this has to be "fast-tracked" in the legislature means the deal is really not done.  So let's change it and really analyze costs short and long and see how the "grandchildren" are really going to do!  Is the LFB going to really be able to do their job.

BTW - How does Walker and this help the imbalance faced by rural counties?  Last time I checked Kenosha-Racine counties were semi-urban


No surprise- LFB indicates Fox-con could surpass $3 Billion
Gee, with all of the environmental damage and the massive write-offs and costs that your property taxes will make up the difference for, wouldn’t it be swell to live in the communities around this development over the next few years? UGH!

Can you believe the Ernst & Young study? 

I'm a little skeptical ... this might better be called a"Public Relations" promo piece.  You would think FOXCONN would know their "own facts" ... why does Ernst & Young have to tell them to all of us, including FOXCONN.  It still does not include what is being promised to them and what "skin" they have in the game!

By the numbers: Economic impact study of Wisconsin's Foxconn deal

"The Politics of Resentment" = Scott Walker's political rise == rural resentment against the "liberal elite"

In a real hurry! 8/1/2017

Foxconn's Complex Path From And Back To Lake Michigan Water Needs Of LCD Factory Require Extensive Infrastructure In Racine County - Scott Gordon - WisContext Oct. 11, 2017

Foxconn's proposed LCD manufacturing complex in Wisconsin will need a great deal of water to operate — millions of gallons per day — and the Taiwan-based company has positioned itself to get it from Lake Michigan. It's likely that Foxconn planners thought ahead about the complex legal structure governing municipal use of Great Lakes water. Once the company can legally access this water, it has to actually get it to and from the complex. That infrastructure will be a major engineering and construction project in its own right. ...
Put this on your timeline ... 2020 or 2022 before even begins to operate significantly
Waukesha anticipates beginning construction in 2019 and completing it by about 2022. The project even has its own public-relations campaign dubbed the Great Water Alliance. 
Foxconn hasn't said exactly how much water it will need for a factory in Mount Pleasant. But one electronics manufacturing analyst estimated that it could be as much as 15 million gallons per day — almost double what Waukesha proposes to use at its thirstiest. If Foxconn's needs are anywhere close to that figure, it will take capacious pipes and a fair amount of energy to pump all that water.

#Walker #Vos WI 1848 Forward: #FOXConn - Is It A Financial Con ? What does #LFB say - Legislative Fiscal Bureau

ExGov #Walker #Vos WI 1848 Forward: #FOXConn - Is It A Financial Con ? Do they have any skin in the game?

#Walker #Vos WI 1848 Forward: #FOXConn - Is It A Financial Con ? What does #LFB say : Timeline update video

#Walker #Vos WI 1848 Forward: #FOXConn - Is It A Financial Con ? No real infrastructure until 2022

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