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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Has GOP & Walker rigged the Vote? WI redistricting suit ask judges >consider election results

FiveThirtyEight Newsletter 9/28/2017

A really important question!

Plaintiffs in Wisconsin's redistricting suit ask judges to consider election results - KATELYN FERRAL | The Capital Times

What is the efficiency gap?
The gap represents the difference between political parties’ respective wasted votes in an election. The model considers a vote “wasted” if it:1. Is cast for a losing candidate2. Is cast for a winning candidate but that vote is in excess of what the candidate needs to winVotes can be considered wasted as a result of districts that have been re-drawn for partisan advantage in the past, known as gerrymandering. Two techniques are commonly used: 
1. Cracking — Spreading one party’s voters across multiple districts to dilute their voting power, denying the group representation in multiple districts 
2. Packing — Concentrating one party’s voters in one district to limit their voting party to only one district, limiting its influence in other districts 
Large numbers of votes commonly are cast for losing candidates as a result of cracking.
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Likewise, excessive votes often are cast for winning candidates because of packing.

In 2012, Republicans got 48.6 percent of the statewide vote, but got 60 seats in the 99-seat assembly, and in 2014 got 52 percent of the vote and 63 Assembly seats. Democrats in 2012 received 51.4 percent of the vote and only 39 Assembly seats, and 36 seats when they received 48 percent of the vote in 2014.
"The evidence establishes, therefore, that even when Republicans are an electoral minority, their legislative power remains secure," Ripple wrote.
... and Voter Suppression is a component not even addressed. 

Wisconsin’s gerrymander being struck down should scare Republicans nationwide

WI 1848 Forward: Has #GOP [ #GriftersOnParade ] & #Walker rigged the #Vote? WI #Gerrymandering ask judges >consider election results > WI redistricting suit 

WI 1848 Forward: Has #GOP & #Walker rigged the #Vote? WI #Gerrymandering -What about #VoterID Suppression too!

WI 1848 Forward: Has #GOP & #Walker rigged the #Vote? WI redistricting suit judges panel say it's rigged! 
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