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Thursday, October 1, 2015

#GOP #Walker - New ways to tilt #elections - Give themselves majority oversight

2/2017 ... The next State Budget may cut up to six positions from the "Elections Board" ... more darkness.


A bill signed into law last week by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker could make it much harder for the poor and minorities to register to vote in the pivotal swing state just as the 2016 election approaches.
The Republican-backed measure allows Wisconsinites to register to vote online. But voting rights advocates say that step forward is massively outweighed by a provision in the bill whose effect will be to make it nearly impossible to conduct the kind of community voter registration drives that disproportionately help low-income and non-white Wisconsinites to register.
In 2006 with a Democrat as Governor many of these same Republicans (Vos, Fitzwalker) wanted the GAB.  Now with the GOP in total control of the governorship and legislature they don't like it.

GOP insists on dismantling the GAB, what many consider a positive national model to keep politics clean(er).

Assembly Republicans Ready To Pass Elections Board, Finance Bills

Governor Has Indicated He Will Sign Both Pieces Of Legislation
Monday, November 16, 2015, 12:30pm
By The Associated Press

Wheeler Report 

GAB Chair Nichol. Letter to legislative leaders regarding proposed GAB legislation.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. GAB head asks lawmakers to delay overhaul of elections agency.

Fox 11. Board chair warns GOP changes could disrupt 2016 elections.

Republican proposal would split GAB, include partisan appointments10/2/2015 

Pre-look ... Commissioner would wield a lot of partisan power on partisan boards - stalemates would be the rule otherwise. 
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ More Voter Id Tricks 2/8/2016 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Bill cuts voter registration program

Some Wisconsin legislators are fast-tracking an effort to eliminate the Special Registration Deputy program as part of a voter reform proposal.
Currently, Wisconsin law allows help for voters who have moved, changed names or are new to voting by authorizing special registration deputies (SRDs). While voters may register on Election Day or at their clerk’s office, SRDs provide convenience to the voter via community voter registration drives. SRDs are trained by a municipal clerk to assist voters and to submit their registration forms for inclusion in the state’s voter database.

#Immoral #PayToPlay WI 1848 Forward: #NoFingerPrintsWalker did it #GOP -dismantles the #GAB - Give themselves majority oversight - more dark money 

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