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Thursday, May 17, 2012

v2 ALEC Ctr4Media&Democracy( CMD ) - CommonCause -5/17/12-Press Conf.

Center for Media and Democracy  - Thursday May 17, 2012 ... almost live Press Conference with Common Cause - Madison WI - Capitol Assembly Parlor call on WI Attorney General  J.B. Van Hollen to investigate ALECs compliance with Wisconsin tax and lobbying laws.  There appears to be ample evidence in a summary report provided by CMD for an investigation.  In addition Common Cause filed a complaint with the IRS on April 21, 2012 questioning ALECs status .  4000 pages were submitted for review to support the complaint.

[The press conference will be embedded, as is, on this page in three parts - over time.  There may or may not be sync issues with audio/video per warning from YouTube.  If issues arise new uploads will be attempted to correct problems.]

...and just the other day this came out - Uncovering the Other ALECs - Wednesday, 16 May 2012 00:00 By Sarah Blaskey and Steve Horn, Truthout | News Analysis 

...and so the story goes ... how Wisconsin is bought and sold

Badger Democracy "Blogging in Black" #GLLF == #ALEC

Another #ALEC : Great Lakes Legal Foundation #GLLF

... back to the press conference ...

Part I - Lisa Graves - Center for Media and Democracy

Part II - Jay Heck - Common Cause

Press questions Part III...

... and in case you need to be reminded  "Divide and Conquer" Walker

WI 1848 Forward: v2 Ctr4Media&Democracy( ) - -5/17/12-Press Conf. : #47% vs

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