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Saturday, May 12, 2012

OP- PRWatch - Caught on Tape: Walker Plans for a Single Party State

Evidently $1M in 2014 ... Via Wisconsin Democracy Campaign

1/9/2013 -- Hit count ~114,000
This piece is labeled op-ed but contains mostly facts ... but the video was released by the Milw Journal Sentinnel and put up by the Barrett campaign where in a single day the hit count is nearly 70,000.  The companion video, included here of Paul Ryan, took 11 months to get 139,000 hits. The former is up on YouTube via various accounts so the one-day count is underestimated.

From PRWatch -
Video was obtained and released by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel less than a month before the June 5th recall election for Wisconsin governor that shows newly elected Governor Scott Walker in a frank conversation with one of his biggest supporters.

The video was originally taken by a documentary filmaker in January 2011, one month before Walker introduced his explosive collective bargaining bill. It shows Walker getting a bear hug and being asked highly charged questions by Beloit billionaire Diane Hendricks, owner of ABC Supply Company, a type of Wal-Mart superstore for contractors.

Hendricks asked the governor whether he could make Wisconsin a "completely red state" and a "right-to-work" state. Right-to-work laws (dubbed "right to work for less" by opponents) are the laws used primarily by southern states to prevent unionization and keep wages low.
If Diane Hendricks, has 13 ABC Supply  stores operating in just Wisconsin with just 2 employees each (? probably way low) and she suppresses wages by $1/hr in a year ABC sees a $52,000 ROI.  If each store has 10 employees --- do the math.

From Wikipedia --

ABC Supply Company Incorporated is a roofing supply company based in Beloit, Wisconsin, USA. It also sells windows, gutters, and siding for residential and commercial.
The company was founded in 1982 by Ken Hendricks. There are 500+ stores nationwide. By the time of his death on December 21, 2007, Ken Hendricks was the 107th richest person in America according to Forbes October 2006 issue. President David Luck was named CEO to succeed him.[1] The company has won numerous awards, including the Gallup Great Workplace Award, 2007 (one of 12 winners; the only privately held company to win that year).

Paul Ryan is revealed about 1 minute into video.

WI 1848 Forward: #PRWatch - Caught on Tape: #Walker Plans for a Single Party State : #D&C 5/2012 #Hendricks $500K+$1M

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